Intellectknowledge history: It has established years ago and it is one of the leading organizations in delivering training services of the latest trend.

We started the organization to inspire people in learning latest technologies and being at the topmost level. We are a team of experts who are working professionals; we share the concurrent knowledge which is grasped by top reputed organizations. CEO of Intellect knowledge in his earlier career days struggled to get a position in latest technology which inspired him to start an organization which helps people to get a position in his/her dream field with ease.

                            We have appointed topmost senior level working professional tutors who got rewards of excellence in respective fields. We arrange a training meeting which helps beginners in understanding, learning and preparing to work in the same domain which results in achieving “BEST EMPLOYEE AWARD(S)”.

                          We are Hyderabad based organization but we expanded in all metro cities of India and all other countries, we will reach any place of the globe if the found thirst for learning and adopting new technologies.

Honesty, integrity, respect, sincerity, and trust are our core values and principles.

                              We are here 24*7 in customer service, come what may we are ready to deliver the task within the decided timeframe. It is possible for us to do what seems difficult to others.

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