Certified Agile Scrum Masters

                                            Certified Agile scrum masters, Agile Scrum is a combination of production and the framework of Agile methodology. In others words, Agile is a general philosophy regarding software production/production and scrum is the framework of Agile methodology. Agile is used when the team is working on a complex project, Agile helps in dividing the complex task into smaller tasks and deliver it for testing or release. Its proven that Agile is taking project management into an upgraded world. Scrum, When using Agile methodology we break the project into pieces while combining the pieces to make a complete one project scrum principles are used. As mentioned Scrum is the framework of Agile methodology.

The training involves the Agile way of thinking, adopting Agile, scrum roles, scrum events, practical scenarios, waterfall, product backlog, sprint, product owner, planning scrum, design, development, testing, and delivery. design and development, quality assurance, testing, iteration, and requirements.

The Agile scrum masters training is designed to learn the concepts of Agile and Scrum together. Agile is beneficial in different ways i.e, extreme changes during the project, undefined scope at the beginning of the project and scrum is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. A framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

Course covers:


Agile and its fundamentals.Principles used in Agile.
Extreme programming.Test driven approach.
Scrum methodology 1.Scrum methodology 2.
Scrum theory.Scrum values.
Scrum team.Scrum events.
Product owner, product backlog, and sprint.Practical training session.

Training overview:

Agile scrum master(s) is 16 hours of training by an experienced tutor. Training is based on real-time scenarios with live examples. It’s 30% theoretical training and 70% practical, agenda of the training is to make people learn and apply the Agile methodology and Scrum framework on a day to day life. Unlimited sessions can be attended via classroom or online to gain in-depth knowledge. Available batches are

Monday – Thursday, 4 hours per daySaturday and Sunday, 8 hours per day
  • Special training batches will be arranged for an international applicant.

Examination pattern:

The certification exam is based on the exam pattern of EXIN, it is either an online or paper-based in pro metric center(Intellectknowledge office). 90 minutes of examination, questions will be based on Agile methodology and Scrum frameworks (A person who takes 16 hours of training can clear). The passing percentage needed to clear the exam is 65%.


Intellect knowledge EXIN Agile Scrum


Intellectknowledge Certified Agile scrum masters sample certification

Exin (Examination Institute) is ISO certified organization from the Netherlands who provides the certification for Agile Scrum foundation and masters. 16 hours of training is mandatory to take up the exam, the exam will be booked once the candidate is prepared for the exam. Post examination within 4-5 business days results will be announced with the certification (If cleared the exam).





Agile Scrum sample certification

Advantages of the certification:

1. Better product quality.
2. Higher customer satisfaction.
3. Higher team involvement.
4. Frequent updates on customer requirements.
5. Effective team structure.
6. Real-time feedback on product features.
7. Fewer defects and quick response to defects.
8. Flexible working strategy.

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