Amazon Web services opportunities, future scope, and annual salary

AWS future scope, average salary: The writer’s views are according to the recent analysis, understanding related facts, and the field knowledge.

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Introduction to Amazon web services:


Amazon web services is an open source cloud computing platform for people, organizations and government sectors. AWS contains more than 64+ services which include a database, networking, application services, deployment, management, developer tools, Amazon elastic compute cloud, Amazon simple storage service, Amazon elastic block store, Amazon virtual private cloud, Amazon access and identity management etc.

Amazon web services contains various different fields, such as
AWS levels training at Intellect knowledge
1. AWS solution architect – associate level.
2. AWS developer – associate level.
3. AWS Sysops – Associate level.
4. AWS DevOps engineer – professional level.
5. AWS solution architect – professional level.



Highest qualification to move in AWS field:


As per the most of the organizations around the globe, 99.99% organization states to have a graduation degree in Computer science or Information technology but that is not mandated. There are doors open for graduates in any stream if interested to work in cloud computing field. But how? a set of technical skills is needed to work in the field such as a database, data center management, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, good understanding of operating systems etc. ¬†There will be two types of people there,¬

1. Technically inclined and
2. Non-technical.

Fair enough, Technically inclined people may know a good amount of subject knowledge and may need further practical knowledge in depth. A non-technical person who is highly interested but the subject knowledge is average.

Nothing to worry at all, Intellect knowledge delivers a training from scratch which is from the basics of cloud computing.

Which AWS field is better for me?


Be a professional with handsome experience or a fresher graduate, everyone has to achieve AWS associate level certification to move for further levels. The suitable module also depends upon your interest and background. I highly recommend speaking with our friendly subject matter expert which helps you in choosing a correct path and making your career bright.


Future scope of Amazon Web Services:

Amazon web services launched in the year 2006, since then there is an excellent growth in the job posting and annual salaries, as per the report a certified candidate earns an average income of 1,20,000-,150,000% per annum. The salaries may fluctuate based on experience and qualification. The basic salary offered by most of the companies to a fresher in India is 3.5 Lacs to 5 Lacs per annum.



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